Pastor, Oasis Christian Church

Bishop Charles E. Wallace is founder and pastor of Oasis Christian Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is a preacher, teacher, and leader who has been serving in the ministry since 1980, and pastoring since 1989.

Oasis Christian Church has been identified as a “watering hole in a dry and barren land.” The church serves as an “Oasis” of Christian ministry for the masses at their level of understanding. Bishop Wallace has a heart for the hurting and strives to reach out to individuals who are lost, hurt, disconnected or simply need to be revived in their faith. 


Bishop Wallace is a graduate of Christian Bible College of Baton Rouge with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. He has been called a “Pastor’s Pastor” because he has a heart for pastors—a desire to help them fulfill their purpose.


When he preaches, he makes deposits in the lives of the listeners. Armed with wit, a little humor and the Holy Spirit, Bishop Wallace sets out to preach messages with simplicity, clarity, accuracy and power. His God-given unique style has touched the lives of many. Equipping and maturing the believer for works of service in an effort to build up the Body of Christ, Bishop Wallace incorporates the teaching and training of families in living victoriously by the Word.


A native of Baton Rouge, and a product of Eden Park, Bishop Wallace has been married to First Lady Gladys Wallace for 45 years. They are the parents of three blessed daughters and one grandson.